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TACCIA 8-pen Kimono pen-rol


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TACCIA 8-pen Kimono Pen Roll (Mosaic pattern)


TACCIA is a Japanese stationery company, that - as far as I know - is now part of the Nakabayashi group. They offer high-quality fountain pens, inks, pen-rolls, notebooks, etc. 

One of the products TACCIA produces are beautiful Kimono Pen Rolls, that are crafted with Nishijin Kinran, a traditional Japanese weaving technique that is in use since the 5th century. The patterns of these elegant Japanese pen wraps are inspired by the traditional Japanese Kimono robe. 




A couple of weeks ago, I bought the 8-pen version of this pen-roll in the Mosaic pattern, as a birthday present for myself. This TACCIA pen-roll fits two purposes: 1/ it’s a functional object designed to protect your pens, and 2/ it’s a thing of beauty with great aesthetics, that just gives you a lot of pleasure.








Physically, it’s just an oversized pen-roll. The 8-pen version measures about 38 x 24 cm, and is made from tightly-woven thick polyester, fastened by a traditional rope and hook. Pens are kept in 8 suede slots, that can hold any size of pen (even really oversized ones). A suede cover flap keeps your pens in place, and protects the pens from one another when rolling up the pen-wrap. 






I typically use this pen-roll in one of two ways. Either I do a classic roll-up, where you end up with a more-or-less circular bundle of about 6 cm in diameter. Or I do a 3-fold wrap, where you end up with a flat slab of about 12 cm in width and 3 cm in height. I use both wrapping methods, depending on where I need to stow away my pens. In both cases you use the rope and hook to close up the pen-roll.




This traditional Kimono pen-roll radiates both beauty and quality. The traditional Mosaic pattern with its dark-silver and gold square design looks stunningly beautiful, and the weaving is top-notch. You just feel that you’re holding a high-quality object. I also appreciate the minimalistic branding - just a simple leather tag saying “TACCIA - Japan”. The decorative patterns extends to the inside of the pen-roll, which is a really nice touch that amplifies the aesthetics. A beautiful and well-executed design!


My fountain pens are precious to me, and with this TACCIA pen-roll they have a beautiful-looking and well-protected home while I’m carrying them with me. These pen-rolls are not cheap (about 100 EUR for the 8-pen version), but in my opinion still great value for money - both beautiful and functional. I love mine, and am glad I bought it.

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