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Mabie Todd Swan Lady


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Hello all. 

I'm looking into a local vendor who is selling a swan lady, nib NY 2 semi flex. It says body is ebonite and in the body "Swan Self Filling Pen- Mabie Todd & Co. New York - Pats 26.04 May 21.18 Pat Pog"

I'm requesting more pictures and if possible a writing sample etc. The price asked after currency conversion would be approximately 80 USD. Is this a OK price? From ebay prices it seems a little lower (good deal?).

From the picture I can see the pen looks in great condition. I'd be grateful also if someone could tell a bit more about this pen or point to an article that goes into more detail of a similar Swan.




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It appears to be Swan ebonite ring top pen (shorter pen, no clip, ring on top).  Probably from the 1920s. Swan nibs are generally a pleasure to write with. Even the ones that do not fully flex still are responsive and springy.  In my opinion, $80 is an appropriate price - not a bargain and not too high.  These are very enjoyable pens to write with.

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@Greenie I snatched the pen! It just arrived, I inked and wrote. It writes about as fine or close to my modified for flex Kakuno F. Even the pressure is similar.


Below are pics taken by the vendor, but the writing is my own. I'm having a hard time to find info about how to service a pen like this. How can I open the pen? It's even the first time I fill a lever pen but that info I could find already. What should I know about pens like this?


Also, it reads Jan 26.04 May 21.18. Does this say the date the pen was made at some point?


Thanks for any info.






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The dates are patent dates. The pen is from the 1920s.

Did the seller say if it was restored with a new sac?  It it was not restored, do not force the lever.

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He did not explicitly said the sac was  restored but said more than excellent condition and I think it is. The pen is inked and working without problem including the lever.

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