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How rare are spiral track, threaded end Waterman safeties?


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I just received in the mail a nice ebay find: an early Waterman's 12S with threaded turning nob and spiral inner track (as evidenced by the twisting motion of the nib when propelled, I haven't opened the pen yet).


I was intending to use this pen, but it is a somewhat rarer example than I thought I was getting.


So now I'm not sure if I should use it or keep it in current condition as a collector piece only. 


It would help me to decide if I knew how rare such a pen really is. Does anyone have any idea? This is the first one I've seen for sale apart from one that Peyton Street Pens has up for a lot more than I paid for this one.

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@loganrah Hi I think you are referring to this - early Waterman safeties with threaded knob. https://www.vintagepens.com/Waterman_safeties.shtml

I don’t know how rare they are (probably quite rare as these early models were later discontinued in favor of a stronger and simpler design), but I wouldn’t try to make a new seal for it. The threaded knob is very fragile. 

I would do a little bit of cleaning up cosmetically and just admire it and use it as a dip pen. Too risk to fit a new seal.


Please show a photo when you have it, if you don’t mind. I am a fan of Waterman safeties, a remarkably simple and robust design (not the threaded knob though). Congrats!

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I'm assuming that it is one of these ?



I would assume its fairly rare . But its not too hard to find one for cheap if you get lucky / look in the right places.

In any case I don't believe its possible to safely replace the seal to make the pen usable. people who are capable of pulling it off usually don't take the job, and those who take the restoration job usually don't know what they are dealing with. its really not a DIY. So i would probably advise to keep it as a collectors item.


My pen is not in any kind of a collector grade and is a heavily used and abused pen. I had 2 of these and the more recent one I got (one without a cap) was for less than what it would cost for the same grade normal waterman safety.

Places like charity auctions and small town shops that have old stuff but not specialized pen dealers are some of the places that could get you one for cheap. but that's a huge roll of a dice. And you can get burned really badly if you don't inspect it fully. i had come across a really nice bright MHR safety with very little discoloration from the outside. inside was basically a wire case cut in to a spiral ><.


Going through a proper dealer ,although would cost a little bit more would guarantee this wouldn't ever happen :P Sorry about all the grumbling :( 
Also you might be able to find one of these safeties with Aikens Lambert looking feeds.




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There is an article (somewhere) on fabricating one of these spirals with a Dremel tool and some careful hand filing.  

Another guy did some limited production of these parts utilizing a CNC mill, but I do not recall his name. 


Could you provide a picture of the actual broken part?

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