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Shaeffer snorkel stuck


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My Shaeffer Snorkel stopped drawing ink (or distilled water for cleaning) so I'm attempting to unscrew the section. I recall when Ron Zorn worked on it in 2019 he had me remove it in order to preserve the spring, IIRC. Unfortunately, I can't unscrew it this time.


I read in one post here that hair dryer heat would help since Shaeffer would use a little adhesive, but since it's been opened fairly recently - would Ron have put adhesive on it, or is there likely some other issue? (I have an email into Mainstreet Pens, but I haven't heard from him yet.)


I'd like to do what I can, pending commercial rescue. Thanks.


Edited: I did try heat and removed the nib and section, so please disregard this request. I'm leaving it here to remind me that heat may also have loosened up what ever was preventing it from drawing. I can't say that it's actually working yet, but it does draw distilled water.

Edit2: Pen is functioning.

Edited by Jaywalker
Complete and functioning.
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